Schwinn Prelude Video Review

31 Jul

I know how necessary and curious is to check out bike in reality before buying. Many of us don’t have that opportunity, so some smart people invented video reviews. Of course, they are not equivalent to real world experience, but that way is more better than reading the text and looking at the picture. I thought about that and decided to share one of the better video review of Schwinn Prelude bike. Speaker seems to have a lot of experience, so I hope so you will find something new and useful.

Schwinn Prelude bike review

21 Jul

For me bike is necessary transportation vechile. Every day week I have to ride with it to my job and in the evening ride back home. I don’t need very expensive or fancy bicycle, but also want that it would be really durable, comfortable and safe. I had few brand bikes, at the moment I am riding with Schwinn Prelude bicycle. In this post I will try to put down my own minds and experience with this road bike.

My price range always was around 400-700 dollars. In this range is easy to find reliable bike, which won’t cause any serious problems in near future. Of course, every bike should be maintaining and cleaning sometimes. For me bike in this price range is perfect solution. They don’t brake down very often and the repair is not expensive as well. So what about Schwinn Prelude?

I got a lot of good feedbacks about it when I’ve visited my local bike shop, so I decided to try it by myself. I bought it directly from there, everything was assembled, so no work for me this time. Of course, adjustments were necessary. I always have test ride with the new bicycle. In this way I can check if it is well assembled, any components are broken and adjust things as seat height, brakes.

Schwinn Preludre

Riding this bike for more than 4 months and now I can tell that it is really light. From my experience the last bike, which weighs similar cost me 250 dollars more. I really like the cage padels. They are solid and durable, not some cheap stuff. The wheels are also similar to more expensive bikes. Shifting changing is delightful, while gear system is also great.

Those things make my ride easy and joyful. What is more, the balance is also good. But that is obligatory thing for this price bike. Some small details also make me happy. For example, quick release seat height and front hub with self centering fork depressions. At this point Schwinn knows how to make bike for smooth ride.

However, there are few things that worth improving. First of all I would add quick release feature for back axle. One thing that I’ve changed after first week is the seat. Personally for me, it was really uncomfortable and I mounted my old one. For the record, in my life I didn’t manage to find a bike with comfortable stock seat. Keep in mind, all my bikes are not expensive than 800 dollars. I am missing some extra bars that would extend to the top of the bars. For this kind of thing my hands always have to be on the bottom part of the bar in order to brake.

Also some suggestions for Schwinn Prelude owners is to pump their tires to 115-120 PSI. A little increased air pressure lets make the ride more efficient. My last words would be the recommendation to check out this bicycle for every entry-level rider. It can compete with those $700 bicycles and are equivalents in some categories.

Here you can find Schwinn Prelude specifications, cons and pros.

Schwinn Prelude bicycle